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use Softouch leather match on the lower sides and back of our sofas.
This is polymer based material and has an embossed grain very similar to
leather. With huge innovations in this technology over the last couple
of years, colour matching is virtually identical to the leather used.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket springs are manufactured from individual high tensile steel springs, wrapped in their own pocket of fabric. A fabric pocket is used to cover each spring so unlike other spring systems this allows them to slide up and down independently.

Every time you get up from a pocket sprung sofa the springs expand, maintaining the shape of the seat cushion.

A sofa using pocket springs will last longer than a
sofa using a lower quality block foam interior. Block foam can break
down with time and lose support. With a pocket spring system you
will receive consistent support throughout the life of the sofa.

Hardwood Frame

Our sofas are constructed using a Hardwood Frame. You’ll notice this
if you ever come to move the sofa! They are very heavy and each one is
glued and screwed with dowelled joints that provide superb rigidity.